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    Hello again everyone!
    We know it’s been a while since our last announcement, however this thread brings you guys news on a lot of new features we’re very excited to share that we hope will make it worth the wait! Firstly I want to take the chance to go briefly over changes to the team structure. I’d like to introduce @Red_Epicness who will be joining us as our Lead Developer, as well as @GB6 and @Geekxboy, both of which will be working with us as developers.

    Now, onto the changes!

    One of the first projects our team began working on, once the server was whitelisted after the last release was the new Warzone Expansion. This consists of a completely custom 500x500 area replacing the old PvP warp. It contains custom bosses, mines filled with breakable ores, and different events giving players opportunities to earn our new currency, Medallions! Medallions can be exchanged for exclusive items at the new NPC found in the warzone spawn.


    New Builds:
    Another change you guys can expect to see on the server is a complete revamp of existing builds! We’ve reworked the spawn and shop into the same area, and made the new area more open to allow for expansion and the addition of even more content in the future!


    As well as this, we have also given the upgrade warp a fresh new look, seen below

    Bug Fixes:
    Another one of our top priorities after last release was fixing the list of existing bugs that had been discovered by our players and content team during our last release. Some of the most prominent of these have been listed below:

    • Reroll scrolls can no longer be used on items without custom enchants.

    • Formatting of Guardian Angel fixed.

    • Juggernaut enchant fixed.

    • Trench pick no longer mines spawner blocks.

    • Chunk Busters can no longer be blown up.

    • Strength potions can no longer be used from dispensers.

    • Chunk Busters no longer update sand, eliminating lag.

    We have reworked our previous titles system, as it wasn't up to our standards. Our new system allows creation of many more titles in the future for events, etc as well as having much more varied colour options! It can be accessed through /titles.


    Other changes:

    Gen Buckets:
    Gen buckets have been completely reworked! Horizontal versions of buckets are now available, and costs are calculated per block based.

    Tug of War:
    Unfortunately, the tug of war system previously present on the server has been removed. After some discussion among our team, we decided removing it from the network would be a better alternative to rewriting it in its entirety to prevent multiple bugs/crashing issues that existed.

    The plugin handling FactionsFly on the network has been reworked to be completely custom, fixing multiple issues in the process and allowing for many additions/changes in the future.

    Staff Changes:
    The recruitment process has been reworked, as have some of the operating procedures and staff hierarchies.

    Moving Forward:
    So what's next?

    Over the next few weeks, you guys can expect to see more updates from us as the network gets closer to release. You can expect to see a post from us with some more information on release, as well as more previews of the content that can be seen on the network!
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    you mean i got banned from the discord for this shit