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    This list may be updated and modified at any time, for any reason. Rulings may be made outside the scope of these Rules in order to preserve fair play. Joining the Zeldaria Network constitutes the player’s full and unconditional agreement to these Rules, which are final and binding in all matters related with gameplay. All bans related to the use of illegal modifications are handled by the Ban Team division, lead by MisterBergie

    If for any reason you believe you were falsely banned you can file an appeal here by following the template and making sure to fill out ALL of the requirements. If you are banned for hacking (on first offence) and your appeal has been denied, or agree that the ban was fair, you can create an appeal once 30 days has past and you will be unbanned. Repeated offence of hacking will lead to a BLACKLIST. Please refer to the rules guide located here for further information.

    Any of the modifications listed below are examples that you are welcome to use on our Network, as this provides better gameplay for yourself whilst keeping the fun for others.

    Any modifications to boost a player’s frames per second (FPS) is allowed on our network as this betters the gameplay for the user - without impacting on others.

    Shader packs are used to make the player’s game perspective look more realistic, appealing and detailed with the environment surrounding them. This is normally used to capture scenic screenshots.

    As our Network welcomes a player base who can build without their land being destroyed, with a faction balance below $250,000 (/raid), we know that shaders will most likely make their experience more enjoyable and their build to shine!

    • HUDs
    Modifications showing information about your player or other players, such as damage indicators, armour status, potion buff times or minimaps without player/entity icons are welcomed to be use on our Network.

    Changing controls or setting a specific key to toggle on or off sprint and/or sneak is allowed, as this provides a smoother gameplay for others whilst doing certain activities.

    Using schematica to provide an outline to build from is perfectly legal. The printer function that comes with this mod is disabled - users found to be abusing this will be banned for an illegal modification.
    (Schematica is legal, using the printer function is illegal)

    This non-exhaustive list of modifications below are NOT permitted on our Network upon logging in. If you are discovered using an illegal modification you will be BANNED, if you are uncertain on any specific modifications or clients please ask a member of staff before using it on our server; be sure to list down all the features and details within the client/modification when asking.

    Hacked Clients are made specifically to gain an unfair advantage over others, clients that has; KillAura, X-Ray, Smooth Aimbot, Fly, Speed Boosts etc. are not permitted on our Network. Logging in and/or using the client will result accordingly to the punishment guide. Injectable clients or ghost clients will also face the same punishment.

    - If you are a player who suspects another user is using a client, please record the user and create a report here.

    Texture packs containing textureless // transparent blocks that are commonly known to be opaque will result into a blacklist. For example, textureless dirt and stone blocks used to find ores underground.

    Mini-maps showing players, entities or caves is bannable. This offers an unfair advantage as entities shown on the Minimap can give an indication of a player base or mob spawner around the vicinity.

    Any automation process involving commands and text that is used to assist a player while they are AFK (away from keyboard), or to cause disruption in the chat, will face punishment.

    Auto-clickers allowing users to click faster than an average person playing on our Network or to click at the same rate whilst the user is AFK is not permitted. Whether you are using a program to increase your Clicks Per Second (CPS) or, any functions and attachments on your mouse.

    We welcome you to use macros for running commands such as /eat or /fix on our Network. However, any other use of macro will face punishment.

    If you have any questions about this document please do not hesitate to message a member of the staff team.
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