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    Welcome to Zeldaria!

    You've come to the right place... Zeldaria is one of the most inviting and growing communities on Minecraft. Factions is all about working together as a team in an effort to stay on top. Factions will often carry out coordinated attacks against other Factions, providing a ton of adrenaline and excitement.

    There are many types of Factions. Some are more competitive, and others are more friendly. As a new adventurer on Zeldaria, it is important that you find the perfect fit. This section is all about helping you find a Faction to play with.

    Each Faction can have up to 50 members, so there is almost always space for a new recruit!

    How do I join a Faction?

    Each Faction has a Recruitment Thread. It'll specify certain requirements or questions that you must answer for them to consider you. What you'll need to do is go through a few of these and post applications. The more applications that you submit, the more likely you are to find a Faction willing to recruit you.

    Don't ever give up, as there are plenty of opportunities!

    Once you're part of a Faction, you'll most likely be brought onto the Faction's Discord. Discord is all about communicating with your members without having to be on Minecraft. So if your Faction is ever in danger or needs help, you'll often get notifications through Discord. If you don't have one yet, create one as soon as possible!

    If you're new to Zeldaria or just playing with a few friends, we strongly recommend that you join a Faction. Playing alone can get boring, and you miss out on all of the fun and excitement that a strong Faction brings!

    To view the Recruitment Section, you can click here.
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