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    May 3, 2019
    NetFlix Recruiting
    :thinking: Who are we?
    ▸We are a brand new faction that strive for excellence and more
    ▸Striving to get a lot of people in our discord
    :rolling_eyes: What do we offer?
    ▸A private cannon server/Practice PvP Server(21tps)
    ▸Experienced leaders
    ▸Active Roster
    ▸Organized Faction and Discord
    ▸Amazing cannoners
    :triumph: Looking for
    ▸Active members(any time zone)
    ▸Mature and motivated
    ▸Experienced players
    :kissing_closed_eyes: Requirements
    ▸Age 13 or higher
    ▸Must have schematica and know how to use it
    ▸ have a working microphone
    ▸at least 1 year+ of experience
    ▸Average of 3+ hours daily
    :rolling_eyes: How to join
    ▸Join the discord link found here and go to Application Section do %apply
    Message AirChachi#5826 or RinTosaka#0001