Official A Change of Plan.

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    Apr 9, 2018

    Hello everyone and welcome back! I am pleased to announce that I am the new owner of Zeldaria!

    New Points to Notice

    I will be taking the project over from here. As you may have seen, over the past few weeks I have been building up my new team who will help me in delivering a fantastic experience for you all.
    The Build team have begun work on a new map. /Warp PvP will be replaced with a new combat area filled to the brim with custom features for you to enjoy. There will also be a brand new, custom built Warzone. Keep your eyes peeled for spoilers on this... ;)

    The development team have been working on stabilizing and improving the performance of the server. As the development team expands, new features will become the priority. These features will include new kits as well as a brand new economy system.

    Soon, we will be hosting build competitions for PayPal prizes! These builds may be used on the network, please keep an eye out for more details on this.

    Management News

    I would also like to announce the promotions of Jobmaximous to Global Manager and Jman to Manager. Jobmaximous will be managing the entire network as he will be influencing some of the most important decisions the management team make. Jman will be responsible for punishment management. He will also be assisting with content design.

    FluffyBear, CaseandPoint, and Ultimate_Derp have joined our team as Administrators. Fluffy is responsible for building and will be assisting with events. Case will be assisting Jman with punishments, and Ultimate_Derp will be here to help with a new project that we will soon be announcing.

    We are also looking for active members of the community to join our staff team. The staff team will be responsible for server moderation and general server management.


    This is all I have to tell you for now. More of the finer details will come in a future update, as well as spoilers on the stuff we have already put together so far. Thank you for your patience - You won't be disappointed, and I hope you all stay for the road ahead. :)
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