Hey, everyone! Today we're excited to announce the upcoming reset for Zeldaria, and what it'll bring in terms of content. Over the past few months -whilst the server has been whitelisted- the team has been working constantly to ensure you the best possible experience whilst playing. It's with no doubt that this season will bring players, new and old alike, an enjoyable, completely revamped experience that will carve the path for the future of Zeldaria. To ensure the fluency of this reset, a list of details regarding how the reset will roll out (and what will be removed, added, etc) will be below:

| Reset Key Points
  • All donator ranks, class ranks and titles- purchased or rewarded- will be kept and transferred to the new server.
  • The economy has reset and all balances cleared.
  • All personal vaults and enderchests have been cleared
  • Completely reset and revamped wilderness (15,000 x 15,000), with custom terrain
  • 4,000 x 4,000 Nether world
| Server IP Address » mc.zeldaria.com
| Zeldaria Forums » https://zeldaria.com/

| Zeldaria Store » https://store.zeldaria.com/
| Zeldaria Twitter » https://twitter.com/ZeldariaMC...
Hello again everyone!
We know it’s been a while since our last announcement, however this thread brings you guys news on a lot of new features we’re very excited to share that we hope will make it worth the wait! Firstly I want to take the chance to go briefly over changes to the team structure. I’d like to introduce @Red_Epicness who will be joining us as our Lead Developer, as well as @GB6 and @Geekxboy, both of which will be working with us as developers.

Now, onto the changes!


One of the first projects our team began working on, once the server was whitelisted after the last release was the new Warzone Expansion. This consists of a completely custom 500x500 area replacing the old PvP warp. It contains custom bosses, mines filled with breakable ores, and different events giving players opportunities to earn our new currency, Medallions! Medallions can be exchanged for exclusive items at the new NPC found in the warzone spawn.


New Builds:
Another change you guys can expect to see on the server is a complete revamp of existing builds! We’ve reworked the spawn and shop into the same area, and made the new area more open to allow for expansion and the addition of even more content in the future!...

Hello everyone and welcome back! I am pleased to announce that I am the new owner of Zeldaria!

New Points to Notice

I will be taking the project over from here. As you may have seen, over the past few weeks I have been building up my new team who will help me in delivering a fantastic experience for you all.
The Build team have begun work on a new map. /Warp PvP will be replaced with a new combat area filled to the brim with custom features for you to enjoy. There will also be a brand new, custom built Warzone. Keep your eyes peeled for spoilers on this... ;)

The development team have been working on stabilizing and improving the performance of the server. As the development team expands, new features will become the priority. These features will include new kits as well as a brand new economy system.

Soon, we will be hosting build competitions for PayPal prizes! These builds may be used on the network, please keep an eye out for more details on this.

Management News

I would also like to announce the promotions of Jobmaximous to Global Manager and Jman to Manager. Jobmaximous will be managing the entire network as he will be influencing some of the most important decisions the management team make. Jman will be responsible for punishment management. He will also be assisting with content design.

FluffyBear, CaseandPoint, and Ultimate_Derp have joined our team as Administrators. Fluffy is responsible for building and will be assisting with events. Case will be assisting Jman with punishments, and Ultimate_Derp will be here to help with a new project that we will soon be announcing.

We are also looking for active members of the community to...
Hello everyone!

Just wanted to give you guys a quick update as to what happened in regards to release, what’s going on currently and where we plan to go from here.


Firstly, I’d like to take the time to thank everyone who participated in the new release and has stuck around since then - It means the world to us that you guys still have an interest in the server, despite the troubles it’s seen since its release 2 years ago. How far we’ve come, huh?

In regards to the release earlier this month, I think it’s important to address a few things. This release was far-from-perfect, the team and I have learnt a lot from the mistakes we made. We're happy to have had the chance, over the weeks following the release, to take your suggestions and criticisms on board; you all have certainly given us lots to think about and work on in the near future. I'd like to thank you for the constructive criticism and suggestions that have been made so far and encourage you to continue in helping us make this server more enjoyable.

Management Updates

To begin, I'd like to apologize for the long wait for a post of this nature, however there were a lot of things behind the scenes and we wanted to be sure of what was happening moving forward.
Hopefully some of your questions and concerns will be addressed in this post.

Firstly, @Trewology will be less active in the near future due to personal reasons. Whilst we’re sure you have questions, we ask that you do not pry and we appreciate your understanding in advance. The entire staff is hoping for Trew to return as soon as possible and as soon as we know anything, we’ll let you know.

As he won’t be able to get on as often, he has asked me to step in as an acting Project Director of sorts.
This essentially means I'll be managing the team on the content being developed for the foreseeable future; ensuring the content will...
Hello players, new and old.
Welcome to the introduction thread for Zeldaria Reborn! We know it's been a long time coming, and our whole team have been working tirelessly over the last couple of months to perfect an experience that we believe will be as enjoyable as possible for you. From refining current systems to creating new ones, we are incredibly proud of the network we have been working on, and are excited to show you the changes!

Remember, our suggestion forums are always open, and we hope you guys are as excited as we are to work with each other on further refining the server experience!


Below are key points pertaining to the server reset:

  • All donator ranks from previous seasons will be kept.
  • All class ranks from previous seasons will be reset.
  • Enderchests, inventories, and player balance will be reset.
  • The terrain has been reset. New more varied terrain generation.
  • The world border size is 7500 x 7500.
  • The nether world border size is 2000 x 2000.
  • Currently the F-Top will be taken at the end of each season.

Soft footsteps could be heard through the trees. Several pairs of prying eyes glowed from the undergrowth as the wanderer ventured deep into the forest. A cool breeze quietly pressed against the heavy coat of the mysterious traveller, the scent of his presence could be felt by all the creatures of the forest… Will he make it out alive? Or will his need for adventure get the better of him...

Zeldaria Reborn: Pre-Introduction

It's very difficult to believe how far both the community and server has developed within the past several months. Initially when we were first planning out what exactly we wanted this release to consist of, we didn’t anticipate that it was going to take as long as it did, however, it will all be worth it. With new and improved systems, gameplay and competition constantly forming, we've managed to stay strong and continue the true legacy that was first alive in the early days of Zeldaria. Zeldaria was a project that has undergone over two years of development and several months of testing. While we've had a few very amazing systems implemented in the previous development stages I think we owe it to ourselves and the entire community to bring you one of the best server releases ever. Welcome to Zeldaria Reborn.

Community Feedback

We have a few new and undecided important changes in mind, but we'd like to reassure with our community to ensure the feedback is positive. Please help us by giving both positive and negative feedback or suggestions in the coming two weeks. Obviously it's important that we listen to the community needs as we'd like to ensure the community feels appreciated as Zeldaria moves forward from here.

The Release

As it stands, the seemingly endless and mysterious realms of Zeldaria are set to release on Saturday, July 13th. More...
Official Update

Howdy, all! I hope you have all enjoyed your time over the Easter Holidays!

This is just a short little update to let you guys know how some things are going despite the lack of communication on my behalf. I'd like to thank everyone for their continued support especially through our Discord server (https://discord.gg/vv6knpj). Zeldaria has now been under new ownership for close to two months. In these two months, we can assure you that many important changes and fixes have been implemented to ensure that the release of the server is at its highest quality. Some of these changes were things requested by the community in the early days of Zeldaria when it was still running. I really cannot elaborate on all the custom content that has been developed as it would ruin some of the excitement for when we do announce a release. However, I will list below some of the additions/changes that have been specially designed and tested to suit the enjoyable and adventurous playstyle that Zeldaria had carried.

Updates Sneak-peak...

Auction house:
Lets you trade your items to anyone on the Zeldaria. Hopefully, this should help people trade their resources more efficiently!

Money Notes:
Notable money!
Simple, straightforward addition which enables players to withdraw funds from their balance as a redeemable note! This can be traded on the Auction House and through trading!

Voting streaks, epic rewards and store currency as potential rewards...
Official A New Beginning
Zeldaria's New Team and Outlook

Hello everyone! My name is Levi or more commonly known as Trewology. I am the new Project Director of Zeldaria and will be in charge of most of the things that take place here. Please take the time to read this announcement so you are up-to-date with everything going on.

New and Reformed Staff Team

Firstly, I'd like to introduce @Halogen and @Fluffy as the new managers of Zeldaria. They will be in charge of managing the Administrative team, coordinating developers, deploying frequent updates and interacting with the community.


None as of now



None as of now

As our staff team is currently not enormous, we are looking forward to receiving applications from the community who are interested in taking part in our team.

Feel free to apply here - https://zeldaria.com/forums/applications.26/

Staff Resignations

Unfortunately, with all these changes we have decided to remove a handful of staff. Although I haven't been here to see their performance, I would like to thank each of them for their time on Zeldaria.

Current State Of Zeldaria

Over the course of a few weeks, I've been checking up frequently with a few people to gain some information on the state of the server. I have noticed that it had been shutdown in the past due to an absence of time that the previous owner could put towards the server. This caused the community's numbers to slowly decline. I am going to make it my number one priority that this doesn't happen again. I am also aware of various issues that players want fixed and we will be doing our best to deploy some amazing updates for you guys!

Although there is no...